Meet children's book author Karen S. Robbins.

Karen S Robbins

Karen S Robbins

My picture book, Care For Our World, released May 2012 from Compendium Inc. and was beautifully illustrated by Alexandra Ball in U.K. It’s an environmental book to teach children to care for all living creatures on our earth, and to be kind.  I’m so proud of this gorgeous book and play set. I hope it makes a difference.






Karen S. Robbins Timeline

Here I am at age four. I attended a small preschool for 8 young children in Monroe, WA. I loved cutting, pasting and coloring. I am still best friends with one of my little girl friends, Susan.

I was raised in the small town of Sumner in the beautiful state of Washington. I am a middle child, with an older and younger brother. I loved school and always strived for perfection in every task. I worked every summer in the berry fields, bulb sheds, or cannery, and started the first daffodil flower stand in the Valley.


When I was 17, I was Mrs. Claus and read children’s Christmas stories on the radio. Also took photos of children with Santa in a store front on Saturdays. I learned early in my life my love for children and story.

I worked as the “ice cream lady” in my home town of Sumner, WA.  I enjoyed selling ice cream bars and popsicles to people of all ages. I loved making people happy, especially the kids. Very fun Summer job while in college at the Univ.of Washington.

“Miss Karen”  When I was 24, I left my great teaching job in San Marino, CA to be “Miss Karen” on Romper Room, WOKR T.V. in Rochester, N.Y. What a great, fun, challenging job teaching thousands of little kids to be “Do Bees!”


I played the Easter Bunny for Nalley’s  Fine Food’s Easter Egg Hunt in Tacoma, WA. I surprised my son and his first girl friend with a visit from the Easter Bunny.


Karen (the clown) and Queen Debby.  Parade in University Place, WA.


Karen entertaining the kids at Sunset Elementary School. Can’t believe I created and sewed the costume!  I love bringing JOY to kids!


Marketing my Hide and Seek, Push and Peek books in NYC.  I’ve had two licensing agents and hold the U.S. patent on the folding apparatus.


How did I ever get in to Random House from a phone booth in a snow storm? I was there for three hours.  The executive editor was from Rochester, N.Y. where I had been a Romper Room teacher. It was a miracle!


Enjoying my first time in NYC.  My first carriage ride in Central Park. I was  attending the SCBWI Annual Winter Conference.  I love NYC in the winter!


Happy to see My Red, White and Blue musical board book in the Metropolitan Museum’s Gift Shop in NYC.


Selling My Red, White and Blue board book at Fort Lewis, Tacoma, WA


I love attending SCBWI conferences and BEA. Always fun meeting other writers, learning, networking and making new contacts with editors and agents.  Here I received second place in the children’s division of he Pacific Northwest Literary Contest.


Here’s the Second Edition of Big Bulletin Boards: A Cooperative Approach. It was first published by Scott, Foresman Co. Malloy was my wonderful manufacturer for Hide and Seek Press.



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